Rad Desert Elopement in the Las Vegas Desert

Madeline and Konstantin flew all the way from England to elope in the desert. Wow!! It’s always such an honor to meet couples that fly from around the world to get married in Las Vegas. I’ve probably photographed 10 couples from England in the last year and they’re always SO fun to work with. I know it can be a real challenge to find wedding vendors when you live half a world away. Trying to plan a wedding from far away is definitely a challenge and I’m always happy to help recommend other vendors and make sure your destination wedding goes smoothly. 

They picked the desert to get married in which is always a wonderful choice. The scenery doesn’t get much different than going from England to the desert outside of Las Vegas!! Surrounded by the quintessential red rocks after which the canyon was named, it’s a breathtaking place to get married. With open desert as far as the eyes can see and towering surrounding mountains it is simply one of my favorite places on earth. Madelin was dressed in a beautiful boho floor-length dress and a simple red rose bouquet that suited her free-spirited nature perfectly.

For their wedding, I teamed up with Simply Eloped who newly expanded to offer no-hassle elopements in Las Vegas and it was an absolute breeze. They have such a great team of vendors from officiants to florists and each elopement is truly unique and custom fit to the couple. A lot of my couples that elope absolutely love that they can personalize what they want for their wedding day without pressure from other people. Your wedding whether you have no guests or 200 can and should always reflect who you are as a couple. And if eloping in the desert is your jam – do it!

In Madeline and Konsantin’s case they brought along their closest friends to witness their nuptials and it was absolutely perfect. And they were surprised by how good the weather was! 

A common misconception is that it’s ALWAYS hot in Vegas! That’s simply not true. We have amazing weather 10 months out of the year and if you’re getting married in Vegas from November – February I’d definitely recommend bringing a jacket. For Spring + Fall weddings we have very mild weather and both of those seasons are actually our most popular to get married in. While most of the country’s main wedding season is Summer, I would definitely consider Spring or Fall for ideal temperatures. You deserve to feel as gorgeous as you look and 100-degree hot winds in the middle of the desert are not everyone’s forte. 

And they had the COOLEST getaway car. Mustangs aren’t common in England so they rented it so they could drive through the desert with the top down. Of course, we took some pictures to reflect on that and they were RAD. 

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Nothing but love for this wanderlust couple and thank you for picking me as your Las Vegas Wedding Photographer! Cheers to your life as a married couple. <3 

Wedding Day Vendors:

Photos: Fig + Willow Studios

Event Planner: Simply Eloped

Officiant: Timeless Connection

Event Venue: Red Rock Canyon


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  1. Flora Gibson says:

    What a beautiful red rock canyon elopement !! obsessed with these images. Beautiful work!!

  2. Calico Basin looks gorgeous- you photographed it so well!! What a lucky couple!

  3. Sienna says:

    All the way from england?! That’s awesome, because deserts are something that is so unique to the Southwest! What a fun day!

  4. Heather Huie says:

    Wow, Red Rock Canyon looks stunning!

  5. Amanda Podesta says:

    I love Red Rocks Canyon! Beautifully captured!

  6. Daniela says:

    How cow, the scenery of Red Rock Canyon is epic! I absolutely love desert elopements!

  7. Cameron says:

    What a beautiful elopement!

  8. Aimee Flynn says:

    Ahhh, so pretty! Love those red rocks 🙂 Looks like it was best day!

  9. Julia says:

    Oh my gosh they are freaking adorable! Love Red Rocks and you beautifully captured their elopement!

  10. Justyna says:

    Red Rock location is just the dreamiest place ever! This is the best elopement ever.

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