Do you want high-quality wedding leads coming into your inbox on autopilot? Are you tired of dealing with bargain-hunters and replying to brides in Facebook groups (Along with 1000 other people, right?) 

Do you want step-by-step instructions on EXACTLY how to rank on Google? In a way that's tailor made for the wedding industry AND is easy to implement?  All for the cost of date night with your spouse. 

We are super excited that you're here, and will teach you everything we know so that you too can build a sustainable six figure business.

For wedding professionals who want to increase their reach, find their ideal clients, and make more money

Education for vendors who want to elevate their business to the next level


- Sarah M

This course has totally changed my business for the better. i can see a noticeable difference in both the level of inquiries, as well as the quantity


– Melissa S.

i needed this course in my life yesterday. so many easy to implement ideas and makes me feel so much more confident in the way i run my business


– Shannon D.

I love how many bite sized pieces this course has! I found it super easy to understand and it helped me really get over my fear of google and how to use it to grow my business.

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100+ blog post ideas 

5 cheatsheets with content ideas

A 12 month content creation calendar template that will help you be consistent in your journey

3 journals and workbooks for you to dig deeper into your business

A 4 module course that will create your foundation to building a sustainable business through good SEO practices

Good SEO will help you stay ABOVE the fray and build the business of your dreams - all while attracting your dream clients like clockwork. 

Let us teach you our tried and true methods that we've used to grow our own wedding business! 

This is the only SEO Course we're ever going to sell and it's jam-packed with goodies that get you to dig deep into your "why", how to serve your clients better, and of course, how to get YOUR business in front of your ideal clients. 

We can't wait to have you and teach you everything we know! Scroll down and hit that button below to join us and to start on the journey to creating your dream business!

Want to just have us do it?

What’s Included:

everything we'll cover
 In SEO For Wedding Professionals

Module 1

How to Rank on Google
SEO Vocabulary
Link Building
What Guest Posting is
Introduction to website analytics
Introduction to your Domain Authority
Black Hat Vs. White Hat SEO 

Module 2

Deep dive into Domain Authority
What a bounce rate is 
How to check your page load speed
How to optimize website speed for faster loading speeds
Deep dive into website analytics
How to compress images online
How to cache your website for BIG results

Module 3

The importance of relationship building
How Styled shoots can skyrocket your SEO rankings
Building your business in a new location 
How getting published will help your long-term SEO goals

Module 4

Brainstorming blog post ideas
How to create value to your dream clients through your blogs
Deep dive into creating a high-ranking blog post
How to use the included content creation calendar

Worksheets + Journal Prompts

100+ Wedding Publications to submit to
Blogging Foundation Cheatsheet
Web Directories Cheatsheet
Google My Business Cheatsheet
Compressing Images Guide
12 Month Content Creation Calendar 
Identifying your dream client journal prompt
How good SEO will improve your client experience journal
The "why" behind your business journal
Identifying keywords that will target dream clients journal

Lifetime access to course

SEO for wedding professionals course

We know you're busy building an incredible business. We get it: We've done it. If you just want to have it done and not have to deal with it - that's totally okay. 

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