Studio Manager: Alycia

the fig + willow Team

Alycia is the CEO/Studio Manager of Fig + Willow Studios. She founded this business 10+ years ago and is so proud of this women owned and operated business that she's built. 

Her main job is to make sure you feel super well cared for during the wedding planning process. 

I literally have a closet with 40+ different types of teas and tea-related contraptions


My cat in particular: Mittens. She's a polydactyl and has a bunch of extra claws


20+ countries and counting. Current favorite is Croatia


My allergies hate it, but I love Cherry Blossom season in particular



alycia's faves:







• Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV
• Married her Middle School Sweetheart
• Has a son and 2 fur babies
• Loves to travel and explore new cities and countries.
• Thailand and Spain are by far her favorite countries thus far.
• When she is not photographing you can catch her spending time with her family, shopping, working out, camping/spending time outdoors or planning their next adventure.

• Enjoys long walks on the beach, so long as her dog is involved
• Bay Area Native whose homebase is Oakland
• Can never resist a new indoor plant, just like her cat
• Often found at live music venues
• Is a morning person (sorry!)
• Always looking for new taste testers for her bread, cakes & cookies

• Has been doing wedding photography for more than 10 years from coast to coast
• Loves traveling and can be found either sipping tea or planning a trip 
• Can also be found chasing her toddler around the house in her best monster impression

• Can quote every episode of The Office and Seinfeld
• Loves iced coffee and red wine
• Has a horse named Pony and a cat named Potato!
• Loves to crochet and knit trendy sweaters and cuddly blankets
• Still waiting on her Hogwarts acceptance letter

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Studio Assistant: Holly

Holly is a mom of 3 and loves the outdoors (camping -- yes please!) and has been in the wedding industry for 15 years. She can be caught on her days off playing with her son who loves legos, or playing the Nintendo Switch with her daughters.

At Fig + Willow, she wears lots of hats that helps everything run smoothly to give you the wedding experience you deserve. 






• Her family consists of her husband and their cat named Beyoncé. Yes, seriously.
• Loves watching Star Wars and Disney movies
• Zumba is her new favorite hobby
• She’d rather do almost any chore than take out the trash!

• Loves to travel and films weddings all over the West Coast
• Has two super cute French Bulldogs who are her babies
• Computer/video editing nerd since literally 7th grade 
• Shoots on digital cameras, film cameras and Super 8. 

• Born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico. 
• Will work soccer into the conversation within 5 minutes of meeting her.
• After 1-2 glasses of wine, she will begin to speak French, even though you don't speak it yourself.

• Will offer to dog-sit for you within 5 minutes of meeting you.
• When not editing, you can find her on the tennis courts, at the local brewery, or at Trader Joes.
• She is often heard saying, "let's get something to eat!" after having just eaten.
• While born in San Diego, her South American parents remind her everyday of where her loyalties should lie.

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