How to incorporate succulents into your wedding day

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Lots of people love succulents because they are easy to keep alive and are gorgeous. There’s a reason that #plantmom is becoming a thing! Succulents should also be considered if you are looking to plan a sustainable wedding.

They are also known to come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. This means that you can match them to any style and they are a great decoration to include in your wedding. If you are looking for décor that is easy to order and will come out beautifully in pictures, succulents are what you should go for. I am a Bay Area and Las Vegas Wedding Photographer and absolutely adore when my couples incorporate succulents in their wedding decor.

So, how can you incorporate succulents into your wedding day? Read on to find out.  

1) As Wedding Favors and Table Settings

Day of the Dead Wedding Cake

Day of the Dead Wedding Cake

More and more weddings are going green nowadays so giving out succulents as favors is a great way to tap into that. We love the idea of giving out something living rather than something your guests will put on a shelf and forget. Succulents are great as home décor and are also easy to maintain so they won’t be too much of a responsibility. Besides, they are a great way to represent the fact that love is nurturing. They also just give a really unique look to table settings to add texture to your wedding day and pops of beautiful color.

2) In Your Bouquet

Andretti Winery Wedding

Andretti Winery Wedding

Las Vegas Wedding Bouquet

Las Vegas Wedding Bouquet

You can choose to have a succulent-only bouquet or a bouquet made up of succulents, other florals and plants at your wedding. This is possible because succulents come in many different colors and are quite elegant. They also give a good dimension to the arrangement of your bouquet. If you are merging, lighter blooms are best to use so that your bouquet does not end up too heavy. My brides that have used succulents in their bouquet have absolutely adored the way it looked and that it was worth hauling them around all day. They ARE heavy. So think about the amount you’d like in your bouquet and 8-10 hours of hauling around your bouquet.

3) In the Bride’s Hair

Napa Winery Wedding Photographer

Napa Winery Wedding Photographer

Succulents as your flower crown or as a pin is sure to add glamour and uniqueness to your look. With the wide range of colors available, it can be quite easy to find one that matches your wedding’s color scheme and makes quite the statement. What do you think? 

4) As Boutonnieres

Northern California Wedding Photographer

Northern California Wedding Photographer

Using succulents to accessorize doesn’t just stop with the ladies. Succulents make for great boutonniere and can add to the beauty of your outdoor wedding. The groom and his groomsmen can use them instead of a traditional pocket square. 

There are many ways that couples can incorporate things they love into their wedding day to make it as unique as they are. If succulents bring you life, definitely consider the above on how to add succulents to your wedding day.

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