Elegant Legion of Honor Engagement Photos

legion of honor engagement photos

We are so excited to share some of the photos from a recent Legion of Honor Engagement Photos Session! It was a foggy day (isn’t it always in San Francisco?!) and we had so much fun doing these.

History of the Legion of Honor

Originally constructed in 1778 and reimaged centuries later by Architect George Applegarth. There’s actually a bit of a love story here, which makes it a super cool location for engagement photos. His wife fell in love with the building, in ruins at the time, and saw that it could become something really great. And so he rebuilt it – as a tribute to his wife.

About these Legion of Honor Engagement Photos

We wanted to hit a few San Francisco landmarks to pay tribute to their hometown. We started here, at the Legion of Honor, and ended the session at the famous Sutro Baths. Click here to see the second part of their engagement photo session to get some inspiration for your own!

We had our couple wear darker colors (Doesn’t Melissa look amazing in a floor-length navy gown?!) to contrast beautifully against the neutral-toned palette of the Legion of Honor. We think it looked incredible and created an elegant and classy vibe.

final thoughts

We hope you love this session as much as we loved documenting it!

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