Sutro Baths Engagement Photos

sutro baths engagement photos

If you talk to a San Francisco local about some of the most magical locations in San Francisco – it’s likely that this one will be one of the first they mention. Located on the coast, and previously an old bathing house, this dilapidated structure provides some seriously cool views that are incredibly unique. If you’re thinking about doing Sutro Baths Engagement Photos, this gallery is for you! And of course, we’d love to chat about your own session.

Vision of the session

We were overjoyed that our couple wanted to do quintessential San Francisco engagement photos on the coast. To create a romantic atmosphere, Melissa wore a stunning floor-length dress that was a wonderful lavender color

Sutro Baths Engagement Photos

San Francisco is known for having super unpredictable weather. While we generally prefer sunny sessions with lots of sun flares … you take what you can get here.

When to do a photo session at Sutro Baths

Most of the year, you can count on some level of fog or clouds, like this session below. It creates a super magical ambiance with mystical and dreamy, creamy skies. It’s incredibly gorgeous! If you’re lucky, you’ll get some cotton candy pinks and purples poking through at sunset.

October is considered Summer in San Francisco. Weird, huh? The coast is the foggiest part of the City, and you have to come with an open mind prepared for whatever weather we get that day. It could be a sunny day, or it could be drizzly. No weather forecast will really help you figure it out in advance, either.

Final thoughts on this engagement session

We love how these photos turned out. We feel that they really encapsulate the wilder side of San Francisco. The untamed beauty that is the backbone of the rugged coastline that we’re so well known for. We wouldn’t have it any other way. There are a lot of magical places in San Francisco to do engagement photos at, but this location definitely holds a place in our hearts.

If you love our work, we’d love to chat more about your own engagement photos and documenting your love story.