East Bay Forest Engagement Photos

East Bay Forest Engagement Photos

One of the hardest decisions you’ll make when you’re planning your engagement session is what kind of vibe you want, and also where you’ll have your session. These Forest Engagement Photos were deeply intentional, and we couldn’t be happier to share them with you.

Location of these Forest Engagement Photos

Our couple is from Santa Cruz, California and has a deep love for the forest and the rugged outdoors. So, of course, we wanted to do their engagement photos somewhere that felt amazing for them. They are getting married next year at a Spanish-style venue in the East Bay, so we wanted to contrast that with something that felt meaningful for them.

The location we chose for them was the Reinhardt Regional Redwood Park in Oakland, California. Known for its ancient Redwoods that are becoming increasingly rare on the West Coast as fire seasons continually destroy the ancient forests.

Final thoughts on this session

We love it when couples pick locations that are exceptionally meaningful to them. You will be looking back at the photos from this period in your life for decades to come. It’s important that they look and feel like you. Do your love story justice!

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