Relaxed Las Vegas Strip Wedding | Las Vegas, NV

This February has been full of so many gorgeous little elopements! This was no exception. Of course, February 22nd, 2022 was such a busy day for us. Any consecutive dates are always some of the first wedding dates to be booked (even years in advance!) Keep reading to see more about this gorgeous Greenhouse Wedding

Las Vegas strip weddings

This couple got married at Pampas Las Vegas which is on the Las Vegas Strip. Ironically, we really don’t do that many Vegas weddings on the Strip. Most of the casinos have in-house teams and don’t allow external photographers on their property. It’s one of those things that you simply don’t know until you start planning your wedding. For example, outside photographers can not take photos inside of any of the casinos. That’s why “Las Vegas Wedding Strip Tours” are popular. Which is essentially what we did with this couple. See this guide that we wrote to plan out your dream Las Vegas Wedding to plan your own wedding!

As for these cuties, they had their destination wedding at a delicious restaurant on the strip. Note the adorable cake that they had made for their wedding! Their whole theme was just “Classic Las Vegas” vibes and we loved showing them around the Strip.

should you do a strip tour?

Las Vegas Strip Photo Tours are super popular for a reason! You can get married at one of the casinos, and then we’ll meet you and walk around for a few hours to show you our favorite spots. We hit up all of the classics this time, and had such a fun day. Even though the weather was terrible (February is known for its crazy wind!), and also a dust storm blew in on this day. But nothing stopped us from having a great time. We hit up the Bellagio Fountains, Caesers Arch (pro-tip: this is a gorgeous location to get married that doesn’t require a permit!), and the Forum Shoppes.

final thoughts on this Las Vegas Strip Wedding

We hope you love this cute little 2/22/22 wedding as much as we loved shooting it! We can’t wait to hear from you about your own Las Vegas Strip Wedding!