Fun Las Vegas Strip Engagement Photos Session

Kimberly and her fiance John flew all the way out to Las Vegas for the Superbowl and figured … let’s do our engagement photos here too! We are so glad that they did and we had an absolutely wonderful time showing them around the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

Doing a Strip Tour

If you haven’t been to Las Vegas before, it’s obviously the first place you’ll end up visiting. Along the Strip, there’s so many places to take gorgeous photos, which makes it a super popular place to do what us Vegas photographers call a “Strip Tour”. It means taking 1-3 hours to just walk along the Las Vegas Strip with you and take some really awesome photos! IT’s a fun way to see the Strip, and you’ll take home some gorgeous memories in photo form. This is perfect for an engagement session, or just to splurge on yourself (Photos are one of THE best things to treat yourself to because they’ll last literally forever!)

Another place to consider is Downtown Las Vegas which has lots of retro vibes, cool murals, and epic views. But if between the two, you pick the Strip, it’s going to be a blast to plan!

Planning your Las Vegas Strip Engagement Photos Session

We’ll figure out how many hours you need (our minimum now is 2 hours for any session) and then pick the key spots you want photos in front of. From there, we’ll make a timeline that is fun, laid back, and hits all the cool spots.

Inspiration behind this Engagement Session

For this session, Kimberly’s main thing she wanted was to have photos in front of the Bellagio Fountain while the show was going on. This happens every 30 minutes and we timed it so we basically ended her session with the fountains going off the in back. It was a seriously fun time, and we loved showing her our favorite little spots in that area and showing her our beautiful city.

We hope you love this session as much as we do, and we can’t wait to chat about your own engagement session on the Las Vegas Strip!