Best San Jose Wedding Planners | San Jose, California

If you are planning your wedding, chances are you need a San Jose wedding planner that will help you bring your dream wedding to life. These vetted and amazing professionals will help you do just that. The South Bay is one of the most gorgeous places in California to have a wedding and there is a wedding venue of your drams out there waiting to be discovered. A good wedding planner can help you find your dream wedding venue as well as create the wedding of your dreams.Keep reading to see our favorite San Jose Wedding Planners.


Anela Events

The founder of this amazing company is actually from Portland, Oregon and is pretty new to San Jose. That being said, it doesn’t mean she isn’t highly experienced. Anela Events is an incredible wedding planner that brings passion and authenticity to each and every event that she plans.


Lavender Crown Events

Lavender Crown specializes in super upscale andwell planned events that create a real ambiance. They are probably the mot well known of the event planners on this list. The being said, you can trust them to really create a memorable even that your friends will talk about for a lifetime to come.


Perfectly Planned Events

Perfectly Planned Events has won a bunch of awards for good reason. They plan impeccable weddings in San Jose at a variety of venues. We highly recommend them if you’re having a gorgeous San Jose Wedding Winery or Villa Wedding in particular.

Simply Elegant by Diana

This gorgeous lady and her team have made it on other lists about best wedding planners – for good reason. She is amazing and so incredibly passionate about everything she does. We have had the honor of working multiple events with her and her teams passion always shows in the weddings they plan. They are based in both the Bay Area as well as Las Vegas so can help you plan your dream wedding all along the west coast.