Green and White Sunstone Vineyards & Winery Wedding | Santa Ynez, CA

This Sunstone Vineyards & Winery Wedding was full of beautiful details, incredible views, and a romantic al fresco ambiance. There isn’t much needed to make Sunstone Winery beautiful, and it doesn’t need anything super over the top. That being said, we always love when our couples do go over the top, too!

Color Scheme of this sunstone vineyards & winery wedding Inspo

This editorial was chock full of luscious and bright details that really played up the natural beauty of the Sunstone Vineyards. While they weren’t in full bloom yet, they were still breathtaking. Our super talented event planner, Heather Benge, made wedding dreams came true.

With a bold and classic green and white ambiance that played up the al fresco elements, it created a unique and very Californian Wedding vibe. Pops of vivid greens against neutral ivories were a beautiful combination that suited this event perfectly.

Floral Elements of this Sunstone Vineyards Wedding

While “the tree” was the center stone of the design elements of this Santa Barbara winery wedding, serving as the ceremony backdrop, there were subtleties throughout. Simple bagged florals that lined the archway gave a grounded and minimalist vibe to the ceremony space. Meanwhile, for the tablescape it was a fresh and very spring inspired garden florals that were accented by bamboo chairs and a backdrop of a lifetime.

Inspiration behind the cocktail table

To provide some contrasting elements, the cocktail space was incredibly unique and different from the rest of the space. It was … a boat. Quite literally. This played up the Santa Barbara vibes that inspired this wedding. Inside, was filled with rainbow-inspired champagne glasses for guests to self-serve. The rainbow hues of the glasses, the evergreen and orange champagne bottles contrasted against the olive colored backdrop was pure perfection.

final thoughts of this sunstone vineyard & winery wedding editorial

We absolutely adore all the fresh elements of this beautiful wedding editorial. it epitomizes toned down beauty, and that a classic and minimalist color tone can really make a stunning venue shine without going overboard. And of course, the couple was downright adorable. Enjoy!

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