What Does a Wedding in Tulum Cost?

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If you are planning your Wedding in Tulum, the number one question you probably have is where should I get married and how much does a wedding in Tulum Cost? We are wedding experts and here to answer all your questions. We know that more than likely you are planning a destination wedding and we know that can be super stressful without the right partners. So, we hope this guide helps you and of course, we’d love to chat about photographing + filming your Tulum Wedding.


Different Types of Weddings in Tulum

As with anything in life, there is a range that is super wide. You could elope next to a cenote and spend $1,000! Or … you could have a custom Tulum wedding at a private villa for $50,000. Of course, there’s a middle ground and something for everyone within that insane range. That being said, there’s three main types of Tulum that will help you figure out what, at the bare minimum, your starting cost should be.


1: An Elopement – $1,500+

Of course, elopements are super popular this last year! When you don’t have guests (or very few) you save a lot of money. One of the most important parts of weddings is feeding your guests, so when you have less guests … your wedding costs less!

You can find package deals from established companies like Tulum Elopement and spend $1,500 on pretty much everything (Except flight + lodging of course!)

Eloping with a company means you have very little to worry about and simply have to show up and have fun. If you plan it all yourself, expect more stress to piece together a wedding package. However, you might save some money doing it DIY.


2: A Resort Wedding – $7,000 +

Resort weddings are really popular in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. Most resorts will offer cookie cutter packages if you’re looking for a standard wedding at the beach that is all in one spot, and is all-inclusive. This option will appeal to couples that just want a normal wedding and want to save money. A comparable resort in the US, the same wedding would cost $25,000! So a lot of budget couples choose this option. A popular option in is Dreams Tulum Resort.


3: Custom Tulum Wedding – $15,000-$20,000+

This is where things start to really vary. If you want something unique and exquisite, you won’t find it at a resort wedding. You will need a Tulum Wedding Planner to help you make the wedding of your dreams come to life.

As with anything, often times you get what you pay for. Just because you’re having your wedding in Mexico doesn’t necessarily mean things will be cheaper. Like photography! Our collections personally start at $4,000 which is pretty average for Wedding Photographers. However – some inherent costs associated with weddings are a bit cheaper in Mexico – like flowers. Tangible goods are normally a bit cheaper (Rings, Flowers, Arches, Table Rentals) while intangible goods like Event Planners + Photographers are similar pricing to the US.

We hope you find this helpful and can’t wait to chat more about your Wedding in Tulum!