3 Best Locations for Tulum Engagement Photos

If you are planning your Tulum Engagement Photos, we hope this guide will help you! If you’re a Tulum Veteran, or this is your first time to Tulum, there is always somewhere new to explore that would create a beautiful location for your Engagement Photos. The vibes of Tulum are magical, and you can create some truly magical memories while you’re visiting. They also make for great Save the Dates! And if you love Tulum that matcha (inside joke for anyone who knows the best smoothie bowl place in town!), you can always have your Wedding in Tulum too. Click here to see our complete guide to planning your Tulum Wedding.


  1. At a Cenote

    We love the idea of cenote engagement photos! They’re a little trickier than the other ideas on our list because they’re privately run and many will require an additional fee for us to bring in our camera. That being said, if you want seriously unique Tulum engagement photos, this might be an idea for you to consider. Ever thought a cave would be uber cool to do your photos in? We got you covered! Check out one of our favorite underground Cenotes – Cenote Taak Bi Ha for some inspo.


2. In The Jungle

There is an endless world of hidden jungle in Tulum. If you love the idea of feeling the jungles humidity, the chirping of the birds, and the overwhelming silence of nature – this might be a great spot for you. No jungle engagement session in Tulum is ever the same as another. We’ll explore the jungle together and find spots and make some beautiful memories.


3. At the Beach

I mean … Riviera Maya engagement photos sound pretty awesome right? This region is known for its crystal blue waters, white sand beaches, and magical views for days. You have to consider the beach if you’re coming to Tulum! Tulum Beach Engagement Photos are always beautiful and capture the vibes of the town really well.

We hope this list was helpful to you and we’d love to chat with you about taking your Tulum Engagement Photos! We custom create every package to fit our clients individualized needs. And we can’t wait to hear from you. Congratulations on your engagement! <3