Top 3 Places to Elope in Santa Barbara, CA

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that there is no rulebook for eloping. Gone are the days where you have a 5 minute ceremony at a cheesy chapel in Las Vegas. You can elope in a luxurious and intimate way that is meaningful and does your love story justice. If you want to elope in Santa Barbara, friends, this is the blog post you’ve been looking for. Keep reading to see our opinion on the top 3 best places to elope in Santa Barbara.

  1. Santa Barbara Courthouse Elopement

    This is a quintessential location to elope in Santa Barbara. Click here to see a blog we posted on how to elope at this popular elopement location in Santa Barbara. If you love beautiful greenery, lots of hidden photo op spots, easy access, and incredible architecture we highly recommend this location. It is located conveniently in downtown Santa Barbara. This is a popular spot among our couples to Elope in Santa Barbara because it’s seriously one of the prettiest spots.


2. Butterfly Beach Elopement

You didn’t think we’d write a list on the best places to elope in Santa Barbara and not have a beach location on here, did you? Good. First off, check out that bird that had perfect timing during this engagement session. Can you imagine getting married on this beach at sunset? We sure can! This location would be perfect for the couple where the ocean is an important aspect of their relationship or they simply love the water.

santa ynez wine valley

3. Santa Ynez Wine Valley Elopement

We know, we know. This isn’t quite Santa Barbara but we felt it deserved to be on the top 3 because it is only a 45 minute drive from Santa Barbara and is one of the prettiest places in California. The Santa Ynez Wine Valley is the perfect place for your Santa Barbara elopement because it feels like you’ve been transported to the Italian Countryside. The Santa Ynez Wine Valley is pretty year round, but if you want the grapes to be in season we recommend eloping here in the Summer. This location is for the whimsical at heart that are up for an adventure.

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