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One of the most common questions I get asked as a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer is … “What is the best time of year to get married in Las Vegas?” so I wanted to address it for all brides-to-be that stumble across my website. First off, hi there!

Onto the question – one of the most common misconceptions is that Las Vegas is sizzling hot year round. This is false. One of the reasons I love photographing weddings in Vegas is because it’s NOT hot all year. I’d die, haha. I actually got married in Vegas on January 11th, 2020 which might be a good time of year for you. It honestly comes down to your ideal weather. Some people LOVE super hot weather, some like mid 70’s, and others like 50’s. It’s a very personal decision and is largely influenced by where you’re flying in from for your Las Vegas Wedding. Keep reading to see what your ideal season to get married in Las Vegas is.

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I get a lot of couples that get married in Vegas in the Winter because even though it can hit the 30’s-40’s they come from colder climates where 30’s-40’s is a cake walk. (I’m talking to you, Canadian Brides getting married in Las Vegas!)

Planning a Las Vegas wedding can be overwhelming and one thing that couples overlook is that the season you decide to get married in can change your entire wedding day vibe. I’ve written guides before on how to get legally married in Las Vegas (and common mistakes!), as well as the pros and cons of an outdoor wedding that you’ll also find useful.

Monthly Weather Averages

First off – let’s just lay it out there. Here are our monthly averages throughout the year. Just looking at this chart might give you an idea on the best month to have your wedding in.

Average Temperature Chart from Current Results

Average Temperature Chart from Current Results

As you can see from the chart above – our weather is ALL over the place depending on the month. In the wedding community, the general consensus is that the best time of the year to have your wedding in Vegas is either Spring or Fall.

What I always recommend to my couples who don’t have a set date in mind is to pick a month in the season where they like the best weather that is also CLOSEST with the weather you’d prefer.

For example, if you don’t mind a little chill I’d say March would be a good time for a Spring Wedding. It’s possible we’ll have a cooler than usual day so it might be a little colder out than you expect.

If you prefer it to be a little hotter, maybe May is a good bet for you. It’s warming up but it’s not full on death yet. However, it’s possible we’ll have a heat wave day. That actually happened this year! May’s are normally pretty tepid out here but we had a heat wave last week where it was 105 out. ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE DEGREES. It’s like walking into an oven, no lie.

They got married in March. It was a cooler than usual day (Mid 50s) but they took it like CHAMPS.

They got married in March. It was a cooler than usual day (Mid 50s) but they took it like CHAMPS.

Spring Weddings in Las Vegas

Spring Weddings in Vegas are beautiful because we finally made it through our rainy and cold season, and the trees have started to regrow their leaves. If you love the idea of a Spring Wedding the normal months to get married are March, April, or May.

Summer Weddings in Las Vegas

Vegas is weird. In most of the country Summer is THE best time to get married. Even in neighboring California, Summer weddings are all the rage. But … we’re weird. This is the least popular time of year to get married in Las Vegas. The reason for this is yeah, the monthly averages. For those that live in Vegas it’s just day in and day out heat. It can be 10PM out and it’s STILL 100 degrees. No bueno. Most of the weddings I photograph are outdoors and I would NEVER recommend having your outdoor wedding in Las Vegas during the summer. It’d be miserable and you’d just want to be in an AC room all day.

However! If you love the idea of eloping in Las Vegas with you and your hunny — it CAN be awesome. If you get married in a wedding chapel or other indoor venue and you limit your outside time. Maybe you get married in the morning and then spend the day by the pool soaking up the sun with a margarita. If that sounds good to you – maybe Summer is a good time for you. But for the most part – the summers here are brutal and you can’t overlook that. I had a bride last year elope in the middle of the desert during the summer last year and she thought she could hang. We spent half the session in her car cooling off and jumping out for photos occasionally. Mother nature doesn’t play and while the desert is beautiful it’s just as beautiful during the cooler months.

Fall Weddings in Las Vegas

Fall Weddings in Vegas are also a great option because we made it through another summer (woohoo!) and are onto cooler temperatures. The leaves have started to fall off and it’s just a great time to be outside. In recent years, Autumn Weddings have gotten SUPER popular. The normal months to choose for a Fall wedding are September – November. Please note that for September weddings if you look at the average temperatures are still pretty dang hot for most people. If you’re pretty against a potential heat wave day, I’d pick October or November instead.

Winter Weddings in Las Vegas

If you don’t mind cold (Or are from a colder environment like Canada!) then maybe a Winter wedding is perfect for you. It’ll likely be warmer than where you’re coming from (Vancouverites excluded from this!). Also, Vegas is much quieter in the winter and there aren’t daily pool parties etc. I will warn that sometimes it’s not particularly COLD out but we do get REALLY windy sometimes. It’s the wind that gets to you sometimes. So keep that in mind!

So in conclusion — there’s no perfect answer. Everyone is different. With the wide variety of people from all over the United States and countries all over the world that come to Vegas to get married —- we’re all used to different things.

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What about you? Did you get married already? What season was it in? Or are you a bride-to-be and you’re still figuring out when you should come to Vegas to get married? Are you leaning towards a specific month? I’d love to hear from you!!


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