Top 3 Locations to get Married in Joshua Tree National Park

top 3 places to get married joshua tree national park

If you are thinking about getting married in Joshua Tree National Park I am SO glad you’re here. The chances are that you are planning your Joshua Tree Destination Wedding so you can’t just drive around the park looking for the perfect spots. That’s where we come in to help!

Most of the areas for weddings are in a few mile radius of each other. Since the majority of the prettiest places in Joshua Tree are in a cluster – in order to find these locations you just have to enter from the town of Joshua Tree going south and then you’ll be on the main road to these Joshua Tree wedding locations.

The following are our favorite three places in Joshua Tree National Park for elopements and weddings.

1) Hidden Valley

This is a good area to get married in if you love the look of smooth limestone and towering rocks. Not named after the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing!! And of course — lots of Joshua Trees! Here are some photos of the location so you can really see if it fits your ideal wedding venue vision.

joshua tree backdrops for wedding


joshua tree wedding locations

#2) Rattlesnake Canyon At Indian Cove

Don’t worry – there aren’t (many) rattlesnakes. Really though – out of all our times here we’ve never seen one. This area is perfect for your joshua tree wedding if you want to have LOTS of Joshuas and rocks in the background. This is my personal favorite because I’m obsessed with the uniqueness of Joshua Trees and they make incredibly interesting backgrounds in photos.

FUN FACT: Did you know that Joshua Trees are as unique as our fingerprints? No two Joshua Trees are exactly alike.

joshua national park wedding

joshua tree wedding inspo

#3 Cholla Cactus Garden

The cholla cactus garden is a little off the beaten path and is closer to Palm Springs than it is to Joshua Tree itself. We know they look soft and fuzzy to the touch – we promise that they’re not. Please do not touch the cacti! They are super cute and make for a really unique vibe for your joshua tree elopement.

cholla cactus garden wedding


We hope this guide on where to get married in Joshua Tree has been helpful!! If you’re in love with the desert landscape and want to have your wedding in Joshua Tree National Park to learn about the nitty gritty legalities and steps to getting LEGALLY hitched here. And of course, if you are still looking for your Joshua tree wedding photographer – hit that button below. We can’t wait to hear from you and CONGRATULATIONS.