Palm Springs Wedding Venue Spotlight: The Saguaro Palm Springs

the saguaro palm springs wedding

Palm Springs has a rich history full of art, musicians, and actresses. It’s that history that lead Palm Springs to become the “playground in the desert” that it is. With that playfulness I think Palm Springs became a kind of experimental place where people tried things that were out of the ordinary. And so, Palm Springs, in my opinion, is a truly extraordinary experiment of the human condition. And since people evolve and ideas change – I think that’s why I’m so drawn to Palm Springs. It’s a living and breathing epitomization for our best and most playful selves.  

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Out of all of the wedding venues in Palm Springs, I truly think The Saguaro is my favorite wedding venue in the city to shoot at as an Engagement and Wedding Photographer. If you’ve been following me a while you know that I love vibrant colors with a touch of whimsy – and The Saguaro is the perfect eclectic mix of that. Best known for its rainbow and ombré walls it’s a great place to get married because of it’s laid back luxury vibes that truly epitomize what Palm Springs is all about. It’s gained a lot of interest recently because it’s very instagrammable. I can’t disagree with that! With it’s fabulous and inviting exterior to it’s colorful beach chairs and motel vibe — it’s definitely a place to take some selfies. #guilty

best palm springs wedding venue

In Palm Springs, you’ll find a lot of super moody wedding photography that “fits” the boho vibe but I am trying to trudge a new path – I think that boho and whimsical wedding photography can be timeless, romantic, AND vibrant! It doesn’t have to have everything sepia colored!! If you are going to get married in a whimsical place like The Saguaro it would be a disservice to NOT show off all the beautiful colors. A Saguaro Palm Springs wedding would be perfect for the playful and deeply in love couple (my kinda people!) and I would love to join you and be your wedding photographer if you love bright and romantic photos. That IS why you’re still reading, right?! 

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What do you think? Is The Saguaro the coolest Palm Spring Wedding Venue? Or am I alone in feeling this? I would personally say runner up would be The Parker Palm Springs. With its chic and mysterious entryway to its luxe interior it’s a SUPER different vibe than The Saguaro but would make an excellent place to get married if you wanted a Palm Springs wedding venue that was less playful and a bit more serious. So what do you think? The Saguaro or The Parker? Or something totally different than these two? Let me know what YOU think below, I’m always down to find and explore new wedding venues in Palm Springs and the Joshua Tree area.  And if you are getting married in Palm Springs and love our work – lets. chat.