5 Different Types of Wedding Stationery

If you are currently looking for your wedding stationary, you have probably discover by this point that there are a lot of different options. This blog post will tell you about five different types of Wedding Stationery so that you can get a better idea on what your dream wedding stationary looks like. From there – the only thing that’s left is putting your creative spin on it. Wedding planning is such a fun adventure for our couples and really allows you to think about the message you want to send your guests.

Cotton Wedding Stationery

Cotton Wedding stationery is made out of … You guessed it – cotton! It is popular for an elevated feel when you have a lot of calligraphy on your invitation or you want a bold look. The edges are always rough appearing which gives it a hand torn look. It’s a popular trend for those going for a nostalgic vibe. Check out the hand torn stationery from this gorgeous wedding we photographed in Santa Ynez.

Acrylic Wedding Stationery

Acrylic stationary is definitely one of the hottest Wedding Stationery trends right now and for a good reason! They are absolutely stunning and really elevate your wedding stationary suite. They are often clear with a nice amount of contrast and vibrancy. I’m particularly fond of acrylic wedding invitations for the juxtaposition between the text and the backdrop that you place it against. It’s gorgeous to photograph and can create a large variety of pretty flat lays with them.

Recycled Wedding Stationery

If you are a couple who is trying to have an eco-friendly wedding or having a wedding that is more on the rustic side, a wedding stationary suite that is made of repurposed materials might be a great choice for you. You can pick from a variety of different textures so that it is absolutely perfect for your needs. We love recycled wedding invites because not only is it a good cause – but they can be really gorgeous, too!

Heavy Cardstock Wedding Stationery

If you want something very heavy duty that can be printed on easily, you should consider heavy cardstock. Thick sturdy paper that won’t bend easily and won’t bend in the mail is always a smart decision. And it feels super luxurious!

Embossed Wedding Stationery

Another popular trend that we are in love with is embossed Wedding Stationery which is similar to engraving in that you push upwards to create texture on the invitation. With embossed invitations the graphic is actually pressed in to remain the same color. It is a beautiful technique that is both classic and exquisite.

Finally: Create your Template!

Now that you have a better idea of different types of wedding invitations, it is time to start playing around with design to really get your creative juices flowing. Click here to use our favorite wedding invite template creator. It really helps to create it yourself and gravitate towards exactly what you’re looking for.

Final thoughts

Wedding stationary is a great way to express yourself creatively in a way that is memorable to you and your fiancé. There is no right answer when it comes to picking. It is solely up to you. So have fun with it because you’ll probably keep one as a keepsake and look back finally added in 50 years. And you should love it. Enjoy the process and create something you love.