Airy Springs Preserve Engagement Photos | Las Vegas, Nevada

Springs Preserve Engagement Photos

We are so excited to share this gorgeous and airy Springs Preserve Engagement Photos Session! We always tell our potential clients about this location (And it’s on our favorite places to do engagement pics list, too!) I think it’s pretty obvious why. Here’s more info about this session, and why it might make a great place to do your own engagement photos.

Springs Preserve Engagement Photos Location

Springs Preserve is known as the birthplace of Las Vegas. In addition to the pretty botanical gardens that are fun to do your session in, there’s a whole other side that is totally worth checking out. But hey – if you just visit the gardens, that’s okay too. It’s one of the few places in Las Vegas that is just so chock full of trees and prettily lined paths. (pssst it’s also a great place to get married, too.

This Session

We spent two hours meandering around the trails (There are 160 miles of trails here – no shortage of finding great gems) From the incredible saguaro cacti to the interesting metal sculptures and overhangs that you’ll find, it’s a really cool spot for photos.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great combination of landscapes and want an easily accessible place – this is it! This is a short drive away from Downtown, and is great for our out of town couples.

Here’s some pics for you to enjoy below. And of course, we’d love to chat to you about your own Springs Preserve Engagement Photos!