Dreamy Castello di Amorosa Engagement Photos

castello di amorosa engagement photos

We absolutely love doing Castello di Amorosa Engagement Photos and are so excited to share this gallery with you. This hidden gem was almost lost in a fire a few years back, but thankfully it’s still standing strong and is open to the public.

How to do Engagement Photos at Castello Di Amorosa

Many places require a permit and lengthy application – not Castello! The couple just needs to have a tasting for THREE people scheduled which is about $60 a person. Even though the photographer will likely not be doing the tasting with you, they need a ticket to go on-site.

Once you’re inside, there are certain places you can’t do photography. Mainly, you’ll be sticking outside around the castle walls. It’s a gorgeous place and there are many nooks and crannies that will make for some seriously epic photos.

Final thoughts on this engagement session

The Bay Area is full of amazing places to do your engagement photos. Whether you’re looking for the solitude of the ocean, a forest full of old-growth Redwoods, or even a fricking castle – there’s a great place for you.

If you loved this session, we’d love to chat with you about your own engagement photos! We can’t wait to hear from you