Bohemian Las Vegas Elopement at Valley of Fire State Park

Our couple is some of the cutest people we’ve met all year. He is a traveling nurse and they live in their van together traipsing over the country together with their pets and each other. Did I mention they’re adorable? They wanted to have their Bohemian Las Vegas Elopement at Valley of Fire State Park because it epitomized so much about their relationship. The sheer insanity of Valley of Fire is indescribable. With its red rocks, towering cliffs, and spectacular landscapes, it’s easy to see why this was the perfect backdrop for a Bohemian Las Vegas Elopement.

Special parts of this Bohemian Las Vegas Elopement

We started our day at their van in the parking lot of Valley of Fire State Park, where we quickly got dressed and ready for the big moment. Our couple was so excited to tie the knot in such a beautiful and wild location, and they couldn’t wait to exchange vows with each other. We trekked through the park with our cameras in tow, admiring all of its natural wonders as we made our way to the Valley of Fire Visitor Center.

Before long, we arrived at the breathtaking clearing that offered stunning views of red sandstone cliffs and sprawling desert.

Music is very important to our couple, so they wrote their vows on their favorite records. Not only does it make an adorable keepsake, but was really heartening to see how they brought in meaningful touches to make their wedding day special.

Final thoughts

We absolutely adored these two and wish them nothing but the happiest of lives together. And if you’re reading this and considering getting married at the Valley of Fire, definitely read our complete guide on getting married at this magical location. We are experts in photographing weddings here (aka we know all the secret spots) and it’s such an honor to show our couples this place in our Las Vegas backyard.