Comprehensive Guide to Planning a San Jose Elopement

If you are planning your San Jose Elopement, this Comprehensive Guide will make sure you don’t forget anything, and have the elopement of your dreams. Elopements are super in and we are so here for it. Elopements don’t mean the same thing that they meant when your parents were growing up. It used to mean that people would fly to Vegas for a cheesy and cheap wedding. That’s not how it is anymore. There is absolutely NO shame in having an Elopement. Keep reading to see our tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to make sure your San Jose Elopement is everything you’ve ever dreamt of.


Is Eloping in San Jose Right for you?

I think this is an important question to start off with. Are you eloping out of necessity (ugh, thanks COVID), or would you rather have less or even no people around on your wedding day? Does the idea of having a few key vendors at your side and no real party appeal to you? If all of this is making you feel warm and fuzzy inside … the answer is probably yes.


How to Start Planning for your San Jose Elopement

Our first recommendation is to get a wedding planner, or at the very least, a day of planner. The last thing you should be worrying about is when the florist will arrive, where the officiant is etc. A wedding planner is basically a friend whose only goal is to make sure you have the best day of your life. They are worth the investment, trust us on this. Here is a list of our favorite San Jose Wedding Planners for you to reach out to.

If you decide to not invest in a wedding planner, that’s okay too. Elopements are not as stressful as weddings and you won’t have as many vendors to manage or guests to worry about.

How and When To Book Your Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner:

If you are choosing to have a wedding planner we recommend booking one you love pretty much as s soon as you get engaged. It gives you time to really lay out your vision and make sure you have enough time.

Wedding Photographer:

Once you pick your wedding date, it’s imperative that you book your photographer. As a studio, we normally book out dates 1-2 in advance. While we have a team and can accommodate some more last minute bookings than most photographers, we recommend booking ASAP. Especially for popular wedding dates! As of right now for example, we have 4 weddings on the books for 02/22/22 already and are nearing capacity! And we’re 10 months out.

Wedding Florist:

We recommend booking your florist about a year out, for similar reasons to booking your photographer early. Here’s a list of our favorite Wedding Florists in San Jose to help you pick some of the best!

Wedding Officiant:

We recommend 3-6 months out. Officiants are like photographers … they can only accommodate so many couples per year. Here’s a link to browse through some San Jose Wedding Officiants.


Average Costs of a San Jose Elopement

Did you know the average Bay Area wedding costs $50,000+? Elopements will save you a ton of money and you can still have a super pretty day. Here’s the average costs you can expect to spend:

Wedding Planner: $2,000

Elopement Photographer: $2,000

Florist: $1,500-$2,000

Officiant: $500

Venue: Free to $1,000

Total Average Cost of San Jose Elopements: $10,000 or Less. It can be more or less, as anything in life. This cost doesn’t reflect the cost of your dress, wedding bands, etc.


Picking a location to have your Elopement

This can be one of the hardest things for our couples. You might have a vibe in mind that you just HAVE to have. And that’s totally okay! For a guide, here is a list our favorite locations to shoot elopements in San Jose.

Final thoughts on planning a San Jose Elopement

An elopement can be as fancy or as barebones as you want it. A lot of our couples choose to elope because they want to not worry about guests and want to have a day where their only goal is connecting with their partner. We totally respect either of your visions! And of course, we’d love to chat about being your San Jose Elopement Photographer and help you have the elopement of your dreams. Click that button below, and we can’t wait to hear from you.