Best Tulum Wedding Planners


Why you need a wedding planner for your tulum wedding

If you are planning your Tulum Wedding, it is integral you have a great wedding planner. The only exception to this, in our opinion, is if you already live in Tulum. It’s a lot easier to plan things on the ground. So unless you are physically here in person, we can’t stress this enough.

Given that most of our couples aren’t here in Tulum and instead, have destination weddings here, we think you’ll need a planner. Why do you need a planner? Weddings have a lot of moving parts. When there’s the distance issue, and a language barrier, a lot of things can go wrong. A good wedding planner will eliminate stress from your wedding day and elevate your wedding experience. Here’s our list of the best wedding planners in Tulum.

Finding Your ideal Tulum Wedding Planner


1. Mango Weddings & Events

We love this company! They focus on high end events and will be with you every step of the way in your planning process. Mango specializes in high end luxurious bohemian weddings that create a truly unique and beautiful wedding day experience. We can’t recommend them highly enough. They are particularly good at planning larger events, so if you have a large guest list, you should definitely check them out.


2. Coucoly

This is a newer company but we promise we included them on this list for a reason. With the rising popularity of intimate weddings and elopements, this company specializes in them. And they’re amazing at planing intimate weddings and elopements for all couples in Tulum.


3. Luna Life Weddings

Luna Life Weddings specializes in unique soirées that bring out the clients vision. If you’re having a wedding in Akumal, Tulum or Playa del Carmen, they are experts in the region. Bring them your wildest, craziest ideas and we promise they’ll blow you away.


4. Pride Maya Weddings

If you’re looking for an amazing LGBTQIA+ planner, you’ve now officially found them. They do heterosexual weddings as well, but their LGBT weddings are really where they shine. With 10 years of experience planning LGBT Weddings in Tulum, you can be sure that they know all the best vendors to make your dream wedding come to life.


We hope this comprehensive guide with the best Wedding Planners in Tulum was helpful to you! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or need more guidance on planning your Tulum Wedding.