3 Best Locations to Have A Tulum Elopement

Tulum is a magical place to get married. Whether you’re having a large gathering with all your friends and family, or having an intimate Tulum Elopement, you need vendors you can trust. That’s where we come in! And make sure you check out this blog post we wrote on “5 Signs You Need a Wedding Planner” to understand on a deeper level how much of a production even smaller elopements are.

There is also a significant amount of noise and information on the internet on how to have a beautiful Tulum Elopement, and we are here to help you pick the best vibe for your magical wedding day. Keep reading to see our favorite 3 locations to get hitched.

3 Best Locations to Have Your Tulum Elopement

1. Tulum elopement in the jungle


Tulum was originally an untouched jungle that was inhabited by ancient Mayan tribes. It’s part of that history that adds to the magic that makes Tulum so special. While there’s a lot more people here annually, there’s still a ton of gorgeous locations in the jungle to have your Tulum Elopement. You can have it at a popular jungle elopement spot like Espacio Chechen, or just find a secluded spot in the jungle to have your Tulum Elopement. We are happy to scout new locations for you for your Tulum Elopement! Or recommend popular spots that are tried and true.

2. Cenote Tulum Elopement

cenote elopement

cave elopement tulum


Ever wanted to get married in a cave that you literally have to crawl into? Underneath the beautiful jungle is a network of largely untouched and natural pools of water called cenotes. For example, Cenote Taak Bi Ha is a popular spot for Tulum elopements and it’s seriously magical. You climb down a nondescript hole in the jungle and there’s this underwater world just … waiting for you. The air is hot and humid and the water is cool and glass-like. Having your Tulum elopement in a cave is perfect for the adventurous wanderers at heart. Or you can have your elopement at an aboveground cenote, as well!

3. Tulum Elopement at your Private Villa



It is quickly rising in popularity to get married at your villa/airbnb/condo in Tulum. You guarantee that it will be beautiful, customizable, and not overrun with tourists like you risk with a public location. And the options are literally limitless. Like this gorgeous location, Boho Tulum Apartments in Aldea Zama. From gorgeous eco-friendly bohemian aesthetic vibes, to modern minimalism – you can have a vibe of your choosing.

We’d love to hear what you plan on doing for your Tulum elopement. What vibes feel right to you? And of course, if you’re looking for a photographer that will also help you plan your dream elopement – we’d love to chat with you.