Complete Guide to Planning a Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

If you are looking to get married at the Santa Barbara Courthouse, this blog post will prepare you so you’re ready to have your dream elopement. We wrote this Guide to Planning a Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding specifically to make sure that you feel super well informed and prepared for your big day (and of course, so you check off all the boxes!) Keep reading to get ultra prepared for your wedding.


Guide to Planning a Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse weddings used to be snubbed, but they must have never seen the Santa Barbara Courthouse. Its idyllic and Spanish inspired architecture is swoon-worthy and is perfect for an upscale elopement or microwedding with your closest friends or family. Look through this gallery on a microwedding we photographed at the Santa Barbara Courthouse and you’ll see exactly why people love it.


The ceremony site options

The Santa Barbara Courthouse has 8 outdoor options for your elopement. They are first come first served, so please keep that in mind when you are planning on how you’re going to get married at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. Check the map below to see them. They are all pretty (trust us!) but if you have a specific preference, we recommend planning a bit early.


What you need to bring to get married at the Santa Barbara Courthouse

  1. A state-issued ID, Drivers License, or your Passport.

2. Credit Card or Check to pay for your license and ceremony costs. The total fee is $210 including the marriage license and ceremony fee.

3. A witness. While this isn’t totally necessary though, we have served as witnesses countless times. It’s part of the territory of being in the industry that we are!


Recommendations for additional things to Bring to Get Married at the Santa Barbara Courthouse

While your wedding might be small, or even just the two of you, your wedding day is still special. We recommend the following for you to consider bringing to your Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding:

1: Flowers! Of course, you might be opting for an untraditional elopement, but we promise that a bridal bouquet and boutonnière are two things worth splurging on.

2: A veil! We love how veils look in photos and it can help us create some seriously unique and pretty photos of you and your boo.

3: A fancy ride! Just because you’re eloping, rent a nice car! Whether it be a brand new Tesla or a classic car, it just feels cool to roll up in a rad car.


Final thoughts on Guide to Planning a Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

We hope this is super useful to you! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and we can’t wait to document your wedding day.