Dreamy Wedding at the Santa Barbara Courthouse


If you want to have a laidback celebration of love in Santa Barbara, we might have the perfect venue for you. This Wedding at the Santa Barbara Courthouse epitomizes dreamy light, vibrant greenery, and rad architecture. Does it get much better than that? Keep reading to see Wedding at the Santa Barbara Courthouse.

Design Inspiration behind this wedding

This wedding was full of elements that had subtle nods at spring. From having a gentle palette of neutrals, it was the perfect contrast against the bold architecture of the Santa Barbara Courthouse. From peach tones to yellow poppies it was the perfect bouquet that was accented by a beautiful calligraphy ribbon. Just because you’re having a small wedding or elopement it doesn’t mean you have to be light on the details. The opposite can be true! Our couple had lots of little details because they wanted their elopement to feel special.

Best time of year to have your wedding here

Honestly … Santa Barbara is gorgeous no matter what time of year it is! But we are particularly fond of warm summers days so would have to pick Summer if we had to pick. But that being said – we have a lot of couples who choose to have their wedding in Santa Barbara during the winter. Why? Because they come to California when it’s cold where they live. So a nice winter elopement in Santa Barbara is the perfect thing for a lot of our couples.

Why you should consider having your Wedding at the Santa Barbara Courthouse

If you are looking for a relaxed place to get married in Santa Barbara with you or a few guests, this should be the top of your list. It doesn’t need dressing up it just needs you and your boo (and maybe some flowers) to make your Santa Barbara Wedding truly special.