7 Different Types of Outdoor California Wedding Venues


If you have decided you want to have an outdoor California wedding and are having troubles narrowing down to the type of venue you want, this blog post should help! I know we have amazing weather in California, and the likelihood of you having an outdoor wedding is high, but that also means we have a ton of wedding venue types to choose from. Here’s a list of wedding venue options that are also our favorite kinds to shoot at. We want you to have your dream wedding and hope this list helps you in your wedding planning process.



Quintessential California vibes to have a beach wedding! There is nothing quite like the Pacific Ocean which touches every coastal part of California. As a California Native, I know that feeling of home is when you see the ocean. So what better place than to have your wedding on the beach? With epic sunsets, cotton candy skies, and a relaxed vibe which your guests will love, California beach weddings should be a top contender for you if you want a laid-back and relaxed wedding (and don’t mind getting sand pretty much everywhere). And if you don’t want to have it at the beach, there’s plenty of beaches at more inclusive venues! So you get all the beachy vibes without all the DIY.


2. Country Club

We might have a lot of beaches, but we have even more country clubs. What better place to have it than at a fancy venue like a country club that’s tried and true for having gorgeous weddings? They’re also always ADA accessible so you book stress free knowing that your whole venue will be accessible to your older relatives. Also, if you’re having a large wedding, country clubs can hold, on average, 300-500 guests. You can count on lots of surrounding rolling hills, as well as indoor/outdoor options if you so desire.


3. Private Villa

Ooh la-la. With the rise in popularity of Airbnb and the amount of flexibility having your wedding at a private villa offers, this is becoming a hot, hot hot option. A neverending array of estates to choose from, and locations galore, this is a great option if you want something that is truly customizable. Unlike the above option, country clubs, a villa is likely normally lived in which means they don’t have marquee light up signs in the back. If you want to create an unforgettable experience and are willing to bring everything in to make something special, this is a great option for you.


4. Hotel Resort

Similar to a country club wedding, hotel resort weddings are known for being fancy, and can be incredibly upscale. One of the benefits is having everything you need right there. You can stay on site while getting your hair and makeup done, and your guests have the easiest commute ever after one too many.


5. Vineyard or Winery

If you’re from California, you already know that a Winery or Vineyard should be at the top of your list. Not only can you locally source your booze for your guests, but they are often times awe-inspiringly beautiful as wedding venues. If you want lots of lush greenery at your wedding venue and want a memorable guest experience, a vineyard or ranch should be on your list.


6. Museum

If you want to bring in some upscale vibes to your wedding and also some historical merit, consider having your wedding at a museum. There’s thousands of beautiful museums across California like this one in San Diego that is perfect to hold a wedding at.


7. Courthouse

From Northern California, to the bottom of Southern California, there are beautiful city halls and courthouses for you to get married at. Whether you get married at the opulent San Francisco City Hall, or go more Mission Style with the Santa Barbara Courthouse, you have options. We love photographing at courthouses all across California and we promise there’s really an option for everyone.

Was this list of different types of wedding venues in California useful to you? Let us know below. And of course, if you are looking for your wedding team, we’d love to chat about your wedding day.