Why You Should Do Balboa Park Engagement Photos

If you are looking to do your engagement photos in San Diego – you simply can’t overlook Balboa Park. It has a hidden location for everyone no matter the type of vibe you want. If you want gorgeous and romantic engagement photos in SD – let us convince you why Balboa Park is where you should do them. Also … congratulations on your engagement! If you love our work we’d love to chat about your video or photos for your San Diego Wedding.

Top Reasons to do Balboa Park Engagement Photos

  1. Why You Should Do Engagement Photos at The Botanical Building and Lily Pond

    We’re pretty sure the most iconic building in Balboa Park is the Botanical Building. With it’s beautiful arches and luxurious lily pond in front it makes a majestic and photogenic spot.The San Diego Botanical Building is one of the most photographed locations in Balboa Park. In every sense, is the cornerstone of the park.

  2. If you love stunning architecture and the symmetry that the Botanical Building offers – this might be a spot you should stop at on your engagement photo session. We’ve found when we’ve photographed engagements in Balboa Park it’s popular among our clients to either start or end their photo session with.


2. Why You Should Do Engagement Photos at Botanical Garden Greenhouse

A great complement to doing your photos in front of the Botanical Building is, of course, to do them inside. If you are a #plantmama and feel inspired by lush greenery and rainforests – you might want to do your engagement photos in the Botanical Greenhouse. With beautiful steel beams and more plants than you could ever imagine it’s a cozy spot for engagement photos that are inspired by nature. Also, from a wedding photographers perspective, it makes your engagement photos looks luxurious. There’s something about overflowing plants and flowers that just scream luxury and beauty.

Yet another reason

Also, there’s such a variety in plants and areas of the San Diego Greenhouse so your engagement photos will look super different from one spot to another. Plus the nice outdoor area so it’s really the best of both worlds. If you were to just choose one spot to do your engagement photos in Balboa Park – the Botanical Greenhouse would be our recommendation. But with us – you’re not pinned down to pick just one location. 😉



3. Why You Should Do Engagement Photos at the Spanish Art Village

If you want a quirky and cultural piece to your San Diego Engagement Photos then we highly recommend doing it at the Spanish Art Village. Not only will you incorporate stunning spanish inspired architecture into your engagement photos but you’ll be in a place where there is real history for local San Diegans. With its mosaic-colored flooring and kitschy stores selling everything from homemade bowls to beautiful art pieces … it’s a great place to do engagement photos. Plus it’s just a cute little place!

Pro-tip: buy some artwork! At the end of your session so that you’ll always have something besides your photos to remember your engagement by!


4. Why You Should Do Museum Inspired Engagement Photos at Museum of Us and the House of Hospitality

If you swoon at beautiful architecture and are considering having a museum wedding – this might be a great spot to do your engagement photos.The architecture in Balboa Park is downright incredible and it’s a fun idea to take your photos in front of these magical buildings that make Balboa Park what it is.

If you love intricate architecture that makes a serious statement – you might want to consider incorporating these beautiful buildings into your urban engagement session in SD.



We hope this list of the best places to do Engagement Photos in Balboa Park was helpful to you. If you love our work we’d be happy to hear from you and see if we’re a good fit. Regardless, enjoy your engagement – it will fly by. <3