5 Signs You Need a Wedding Planner

you need a wedding planner if

  1. You’re having a destination wedding

    If you are having a destination wedding – a wedding planner is a must. They are the boots on the ground that will scout venues, send you photos and make you feel like you’re truly in charge of everything wedding. Except you just get to pick the important stuff! If you are having a destination wedding (Especially a Las Vegas Wedding or Joshua Tree Wedding!) there are just things that industry professionals know that couples don’t. Especially those that aren’t doing in-person planning. A wedding planner is invaluable because they know all the best vendors AND they know how to work with a budget. It’s a win-win!

  2. You can see what you want in your minds eye but you don’t know how to execute it

    If you want to have something SUPER specific and can see it but you have no idea how to make it all come to life – that’s where a wedding planner is a GREAT idea. Their superpower is literally to bring your vision to life. That’s it. That’s their job in a nutshell. And they are SO good at it. No more late nights wondering if your idea will come together. If you have a good wedding planner they will be honest with you and make sure that your day is perfect.

  3. You’re stressed the hell out

    Purple and mauve? Do you really need party favors for everyone that attends? Where do you keep tissues when you know you’re going to cry during your vows? You come from a totally different background and maybe don’t love wedding planning. That is okay. A wedding planner is there to ease your fears because they’re not winging it – they actually know what they’re doing. And they will work with you every step of the way and provide as much guidance (or as little) as you need to make your dream wedding a reality.

  4. You’re a working professional

    You already have a full-time job and you don’t need a second one wedding planning. When your friends told you wedding planning took up a lot of time you better believe they weren’t kidding. It can be REALLY overwhelming and during your engagement it’s important to prioritize your well being and actually enjoy being engaged. Working 80 hours a week is not fun and it’s not how you deserve to remember your engagement.

  5. You don’t know quite what you want but want something epic

    You kind of have an idea and you know it needs to be rad but you don’t know what you want. A wedding planner will get to know who you are as people and plan something that feels like you. Over here at Fig + Willow we are all about authentic weddings that feel like you. So even if you have no idea what you want your wedding to look like – it can still reflect you and your fiance and be epic.

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