The Best Joshua Tree Wedding Planners

top 5 wedding planners in joshua tree

If you are getting married in Joshua Tree it is likely that you are having a destination wedding. Trust me, not that many people actually live there. But many of my couples that get married in Joshua Tree or the Coachella Valley live in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco to name a few. So it’s more than likely you can’t just hop in your car and check out wedding venues on your day off without some serious pre-planning.

That’s one of the many reasons why it’s so invaluable that you have a sidekick and joshua tree wedding planner to make sure your day is everything you dreamed of. If you’re still unconvinced you need a wedding planner for your wedding here are our 5 signs you may need a wedding planner. Spoiler alert though – you probably need one.

Joshua Tree is a really unique place to get married because of how incredibly isolated it is. Yes, Palm Springs is only an hour-ish away but it’s so important to have a wedding planner that is familiar with the desert and everything that comes with that. Harsh temperatures, dust storms, no cell service, and nothing around for miles. What happens when you forget your veil? And it was 40 miles in the other direction? Let your wedding planner take care of all the details of your big day. You deserve to truly live your wedding and not stress about the little details. That’s where your Joshua Tree Wedding Planner comes in. And how do you pick your wedding vendors like your joshua tree wedding photographer from afar? You get a planner who knows the best of the best and can get you vendors that will make your dream team. Your wedding day is unique and special – a wedding planner will help execute your creative vision. And the only thing you need to do is to marry your best friend. Awesome right? See our list of the top 5 wedding planners in Joshua Tree below.

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Top 5 Joshua Tree Wedding Planners

In alphabetical order

1. Events by Extrordinary Wedding Arches

2. Michelle Garibay Events

3. Samantha Hall Events

4. Wild Heart Events

5. Zilla Free Zone