Best Time of Year to get Married in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree

When people think about having their wedding in Palm Springs or Joshua Tree I can bet a lot of their first reactions are “BUT ISN’T IT SO HOT THERE YEAR ROUND?!” and the answer is …. no!

joshua tree wedding

Palm Springs and Joshua Tree have seasons that are actually pretty dramatic. In the summer months it’s scorching hot and in the winter months it’s frigid. Joshua Tree is the high desert (Higher elevation thus gets colder) so the winters it can even SNOW! Keep reading to find out the best time of year to get married in the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree.


What is the best month to get married in Joshua Tree or Palm Springs?

We promise we’ll give you our opinion soon but for now – here are the average monthly temperatures in Palm Springs so you can know when NOT to get married.

As you can see above, it is HOT HOT HOT in Palm Springs in June, July, and August. Shoulder months where the temperatures can lean either way (May + September) can really be super hot or moderate. It just depends on the year. Personally, I will only shoot weddings in Palm Springs if they are not in the summer. I can’t hang with the heat. No one wants to be putting up with 105-110 degree wedding days, I promise!

joshua tree wedding

Therefore I recommend that if you get married in Palm Springs you do it in the early Spring or Summer. February – April and October – mid November tend to have amazing weather. They are high season for the area with lots of tourists and other weddings so I recommend booking your venue and desert wedding photographer early! If you want to elope in Joshua Tree click this guide on how to get your permit. And if you want to get married in Joshua Tree National Park – here are my favorite three locations in the park to shoot weddings. And if you’re looking at Palm Springs to get married – be sure to check out this super rad and colorful wedding venue in Downtown Palm Springs.

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