What Type Of Engagement Ring Does Your Partner Really Want?

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Finding the right style of engagement ring can be difficult – especially if your partner hasn’t dropped any hints (It’s likely they have though! Lot of guys miss the hints though, haha) Asking your partner directly as to which styles they like could make it too obvious that you are about to propose and so you may have to consider other tactics. Here are a few tips for working out the best style for your partner.

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Consider her personality

First, you should consider your partner’s personality. Are they likely to want a ring they can show off or are they likely to prefer something subtle and chic? Higher carat grade rings can often be better suited for people that like to flaunt their jewellery – this guide https://diamondexpert.com/diamond-carat/2-carat-diamonds offers more on such rings. Those that prefer subtlety may prefer a lower carat grade. Similarly, when it comes to the design of the ring, consider whether your partner is a traditionalist or the type of person that is drawn to the unusual – this could help you to decide whether to buy a classic styled ring or a quirkier styled ring.

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Take a look at her other jewelry for inspiration

It could be worth looking in her jewelry box to get a better idea of the styles that she’s into. If there are lots of subtle and classic pieces, you may find that she wants a ring that is similarly styled. A love for more eccentric and showy jewelry could mean that she’s more likely to appreciate something bigger or more unusual. If they’ve got any other rings, it’s also worth checking the size of these rings (getting the size right can be just as big a challenge as finding the right style).

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Go ‘browsing’ together

A great tactic for finding out what styles of ring your partner is drawn to is to go browsing together. While shopping, consider stopping by a jewellery store and pretend to look at jewellery. Discuss your jewellery preferences and see if she drops any hints as to what she likes.

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Get your partner’s friends/family to do some detective work

Another option could be to get help from her family and friends. You may be able to encourage them to pry into the topic of engagement rings – your partner may open up to them and they can then relay the information to you. Be careful when getting friends and family members involved – make sure to only involve those that you can trust won’t give the game away. 

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Screw tradition: get her to choose her ring

It’s become more common for men to propose and then let their partner choose the ring after. This is the best way of ensuring that she gets the ring she wants. You could buy a ring box with a note in it telling your partner that you’ll let them choose the ring just so that you’ve got a prop for the event. You can read tips on proposing without a ring here at https://howtheyasked.com/10-ways-to-propose-without-a-ring/

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Hope this was helpful, and I’m always happy to answer more questions and talk all things weddings!