Why You Should Have Your Dream Wedding in Las Vegas

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The connotations behind a Las Vegas wedding are changing. 10 years ago if you said you were getting married in Las Vegas people would assume that you were eloping on the Las Vegas strip with some cheesy Elvis Presley impersonator‘s. The notion of a Vegas wedding is changing and that is no longer the case necessarily.

Yes, those still exist. But they are not as popular as having a traditional wedding in Las Vegas off the strip. We have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world… Sweeping mountain view weddings, botanical garden weddings, open desert wedding, rock formation wedding, lakefront weddings, exquisite golf course weddings… We have it all.

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It is the new norm to have an exquisite wedding in Las Vegas. Statistically strip and one-stop shop weddings have been declining in Las Vegas for 20 years. The Little White Chapel said they have been posting losses every year for the last twenty years. Why is this? Because weddings mean something.  You deserve more than a cookie cutter wedding and Millenials getting married care about authenticity. 

No matter if you’re having a large wedding with 100+ people or eloping just the two of you – chapel weddings just don’t appeal to the people that are getting married these days. They want it to be personalized, full of love, and about them. Cookie cutter weddings don’t allow a lot, if any customization. You get a photographer who’s work you might not like (Check out the Wedding Chapel sites to see the quality you get… it’s pretty bad.) The weddings are all the same and you deserve a wedding that feels like you.

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Traditional weddings in Las Vegas mean a few things. If you don’t live here it means do you like to invite all of your friends and family to Las Vegas to celebrate your wedding. It also means that you are in the most visited cities on the planet and there is a never ending list of things to do. We are now known as one of the top food capitals of the world so you already know that your catering options for your wedding are amazing. Bring on ALL the food. 

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Also, even though we have amazing wedding venues like Wedgewood Las Vegas, Bears Best, Red Rock Country Club, Reflection Bay, Springs Preserve that the overall cost of your wedding is 15%-20% less than if you had your wedding in cities like San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles. 

lake las vegas wedding

And not only is it cheaper to have a Las Vegas wedding but they are customizable with packages to fit everyone. Whether you want a one-stop shop where catering and all the planning is handled by the venue or you want to personally plan every single detail there is a venue for you. So start taking notes, go on Pinterest, and browse my site to convince you that Las Vegas is the premier wedding spot in the world for a reason.

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So when you’re considering your Destination wedding definitely consider Las Vegas as an option for your luxurious and upscale wedding. I can’t wait to hear from you and to help you plan out your perfect wedding!

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