Cora + Grant’s Engagement Session @ Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 11.59.37 AM.png

Cora and Grant had the most epic engagement shoot at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. These lovebirds were SO easy to photograph (Although they told me they didn’t like pictures, I beg to differ!)

Cool as can be, they brought their two cats to partake in the festivities. Cora had been walking them outside for months in preparation of this shoot and I think they did a pretty awesome job. Of course, they wanted to explore and were being quite camera shy but that just adds to the charm. As you can see … they were also both wearing matching cat tuxedos.

Cora and Grant’s chemistry was palatable and the epicness of the shoot itself was evenly matched with their love for one another.

The story of their ambulance RV is pretty simple – they stumbled across it on Craigslist and thought it’d make an excellent RV. They added their personalized touches to it and now spend a large part of the year traveling to different parts of the US, going to Burning Man, and camp underneath the stars whenever their hearts desire.

They are getting married at Yoyako Ranch in Ukiah, California in July and I can’t WAIT to see these heart eyed lovers again.